The main activity of S.H.J.K. Publishing Agency is making promotional photographs for advertizing needs and their application in the press, internet and DVD presentations. We specialize in taking pictures of architecture (exterior and interior), machines and construction sites, as well as any other types of field photography. With our audacious art and technical solutions we manage to transform what looks like ordinary things into contemporary and impressive advertizing solutions. Apart from photography, we also make high definition photographs, panoramic photos and photos in challenging light conditions. We own cutting edge photography and computer equipment and other unique appliances for panoramic and HD shootings. We are very experienced and have the routine necessary for overcoming all difficulties that we may encounter in our work. We pay special attention to image processing, color managing and the maximum utilization of great technical capabilities of the equipment. We have reached a high level of automation of the processing, which makes our delivery times as short as can be.

Because of our cooperation with other photographers, we can now offer top quality recording services in other photography fields, from reporting, studio, fashion photography to the photography of nature and applied medical photography. We have enormous archive of photos from various different areas, and the main objects are connected to the city of Belgrade. Apart from our cooperation with photographers, we also work together with a group of young graphic and web designers, video shooters and editors, hence we are able to offer complete solutions when it comes to recording, image processing, design, prepress and press, making presentations and video production.

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